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Monogram Wood Jewelry

monogram wood jewelry

Monogrammed wood jewelry is a perfect addition to any wardrobe. Wood jewelry is a natural. Who wouldn`t love a monogrammed wood pendant, necklace or pair of earrings as a gift? Each piece is made from natural wood, monogrammed perfectly to preserve the beauty and texture.  Monogram wood jewelry is the perfect accessory.


Monogrammed Diamond Wood Pendant

from $21.00

Monogrammed Large Wood Pendant

from $21.00

Monogrammed Oval Wood Pendant

from $21.00

Monogrammed Rectangle Wood Pendant

from $21.00

Monogrammed Round Wood Pendant

from $21.00

Monogrammed Striped Wooden Pendant

from $24.00

Monogrammed Round Pink Wood Necklace


Monogrammed Round Orange Wood Necklace


Monogrammed Round Brown Wood Necklace


Wood Bead Monogram Tassel Bracelet


Monogram Wood Earrings - Flourish Script


Monogram Wood Earrings - Brown


Monogram Wood Earrings - Black

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