Difference Between Gold Vermeil and Gold Plated Jewelry

Here at Be Monogrammed, we get lots of questions about the differences between the metals we offer.  While there are many variations of plated and vermeil jewelry, we will review two of our most popular Purple Mermaid Designs monogram necklaces specifically to describe their differences.  One 24K gold plated, the other 14K gold vermeil. 

Our 24K gold plated monogram necklace is comprised of a .925 sterling silver base with a 24K gold overlay.  24K gold is purer than 14K gold, and the purer the gold, the brighter the color gold.  The pendant thickness is 0.65mm, a bit less than that of the vermeil style thus resulting in a slightly lower cost.  With proper care, the 24k gold plated necklaces will keep their overlay for a long time.  Good news is, even if you damage the overlay, it can easily be repaired with a new overlay layer.


Our 14K gold vermeil monogram necklace is also comprised of sterling silver base, then dipped in 14K gold resulting in a slightly less yellow gold color.  The pendant thickness is approximately 0.75mm thickness, resulting in a slightly higher cost.  The layer of gold is also a bit thicker (least 2.5 micrometers thickness), and thus may last longer.  With proper care, 14K gold vermeil necklaces will also keep their gold layer for a good, long time.  They can also be repaired quite easily if damaged with a new layer of 14K gold. 


Lots to think about!  However, we are sure you will be very happy with either style.  Hope this information is useful for our customers when making a decision regarding the metal for their purchase!



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