Gold Name Ring - Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux wear matching gold name rings to pledge their commitment!  

The 14K gold name ring features a tail underscore, and is large enough to be eye catching at 10mm.  Add them to the list of celebs that LOVE personalized and monogrammed jewelry.  

Jennifer Aniston gold name ring 2


A 14K gold name ring will be a piece of jewelry that will be worn for a lifetime.  These heirloom quality rings are stunning.  The personalized boyfriend ring is on trend and perfect for any woman or man.  

jennifer aniston


Leave us a comment and let us know if you have any ideas for a custom ring of your own!  This style is also available in a mini 4mm or 6mm size for those who prefer an understated ring.


14k gold name ring with tail

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