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Inexpensive Monogrammed Christmas Gifts

Posted on November 04, 2015 by LuAnn Caprio | 0 comments

Inexpensive monogrammed gifts for the holidays are so easy to find!  Be Monogrammed offers a collection of awesome personalized gifts on a budget.  Whether you are buying for an entire office staff or for your Secret Santa, you will find the perfect gift without breaking the bank.  Let's face it, monogrammed gifts make the most thoughtful gifts.  Your gift recipient will know that you planned your purchase just for them.  No regifting here!  

monogrammed keychain

Let's start with a monogrammed keychain for $19!  We offer a collection of styles, so you can grab one for every person on your office list, and choose according to their own special color and style!

monogrammed scarf


Or how about a monogrammed scarf for $26!  Be Monogrammed features plenty of colors and styles to choose from.  Monogram them with a favorite color and design it just for your gift recipient!

initial bracelet


And how about this sweet gold initial bracelet for $34!  This is such an easy, fun way to say thank you to all of your co-workers and staff!  They will LOVE this gift and appreciate the extra special thought put in to your purchase.

Happy Shopping!

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