A Guide to the Perfect Holiday Gift - Personalize It!

What exactly is the perfect holiday gift?  A personalized holiday gift, of course!  No one needs another scarf - unless it's a monogrammed scarf!  When I think back on the gifts I have received over the years, I have to say that the personalized gifts were the best gifts.  Let's face it, if someone spends the time to order a gift that is monogrammed or embroidered just for you, you must be special, right?  

monogrammed blanket scarf

Monogrammed gifts scream your personality and make the ordinary, very extraordinary.  If you take a basic tote bag and monogram it, you have an instant unexpected hit.  Gift cards, candles, a pair of earrings for your BFF.  They're OK, but score some major points by...wait for it...getting her something she will actually LOVE!  A simple monogrammed tote bag will instantly elevate you to super-star status.  

monogrammed tote bag

One of my all time favorites is the mini monogram necklace.  No matter what style your gift recipient favors, a mini monogram necklace is the perfect choice.  For the minimalist, it is an understated statement piece, worn alone. For the trendy fashionista type, layering the mini monogram with several other longer chains will make this monogram necklace a favorite.

mini monogram necklace

A simple monogrammed infinity scarf is an inexpensive gift, that makes a very big statement. Embroidered with her initials, she will definitely think you spent weeks dreaming up her present.  Lets face it, savvy gifters know that a personalized gift goes a long way, and will take gifting to another level. 

monogrammed infinity scarf

One of my favorite gifts is the personalized signature necklace.  Take a persons own signature, or the signature of a loved one, and transform it into a necklace.  This personalized necklace is a favorite as a commemorative piece when made with the signature of a lost loved one.

personalized signature necklace

The simple, personalized gold bar necklace is another way to gift smart.  Engraved with a name, children's names, a phrase, mantra, company name, symbol, roman numeral, latitude and longitude, anything!  How popular will you be!

personalized gold bar necklace 

So get gifting, and choose the perfect personalized holiday gift for everyone on your list.  You will be so happy that you did.


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