Blonde Chronicles - Style Inspiration

I love this look because it's a real style inspiration.  With Fall well underway and winter approaching, long relaxing weekends away are a serious treat to be savored.  I love layering and a great pair of jeans.  A great blanket scarf is just enough for layering with a cozy jacket without being too warm. Of course, the monogram adds that perfect preppy touch.  Love the tousled locks, so you never have to worry about a windy day.  

Add a monogrammed travel tote, just big enough to hold your weekend necessities, along with a great pair of rain boots and you are ready for anything.  I always love a weekend adventure and here in Massachusetts there are so many great ideas for get-aways.  Check out Cape Cod for much lower prices on lodging at this time of year.  There are so many wonderful walking trails, beaches and wildlife sanctuaries.  The restaurants are plentiful, so finding great eats will be easy.

Details: monogrammed tote bag from Be Monogrammed, monogrammed blanket scarf from Be Monogrammed

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