Be Monogrammed Q&A: What is the difference in gold bar necklaces?

Be Monogrammed offers a variety of personalized Gold Bar Necklaces.  Our very own Purple Mermaid Designs brand offers several, but we will review our two most popular bar necklaces.  We get lots of calls and emails from customers, wanting to know and understand the differences.  Hope this information helps with decision making!

Bar #1:  

  • measures 1.73"w x .25"H
  • is a thinner and more delicate bar (0.7mm thickness)
  • engraving is an etched style in block font, and engraved in script
  • delicate cable chain
  • available in 24k gold plated, rose gold plated, sterling silver, 10K gold and 14k gold
  • plated styles have a sterling silver base
  • is less expensive due to weight and style of metals 


Bar #2

  • more options
  • available in 2 sizes: .25"H x 1.25"W or .28"H x 1.73"W.
  • is thicker at 0.8mm~0.85mm thickness
  • engraving is deeper, and is available in a variety of font choices
  • rolo chain
  • available in 14K gold vermeil, rose gold vermeil, sterling silver or 14K gold
  • vermeil styles have a sterling silver base
  • is a bot more expensive than bar #1,  due to weight and style of metals 


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