Michonne's M Necklace on The Walking Dead - Be Monogrammed

Michonne's M Necklace on The Walking Dead

April 12, 2016

Michonne's "M" necklace, worn on The Walking Dead, has been googled and searched for since it was first spotted on Danai Gurira.  Well, search no more.  Grab your initial necklace, made by the very same designer that made Michonne's necklace.  The initial is available in 14K yellow gold or 14K rose gold, and hangs on a sterling silver chain. Michonne's initial "M" is 14K rose gold.  The pretty script font is eye-catching.

Michonne M Necklace


There has been a lot of speculation on where the initial necklace originated.  A simple "M" necklace, given by Mike - symbolizing Mike and Michonne.  A promise that he would always be with her.  Just one "M" - Michonne and Mike.

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